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I forgot…

we got some chickens yesterday! Well, sort of. Four bantam chicks and a pair of Japanese quail… they’re so much fun to watch - better than television! Now we just have to make sure that the snakes/possums/hawks/lizards don’t eat them, and that they all grow up to be female (except for the male quail - he’s allowed to be a boy!), and that they don’t wash away in the wet season.

The house is tiny too, compared to what we had at the old house. Oh well, it’ll do for now - but the lush of my life is going to have to put in a bigger and taller fence sooner rather than later - aren’t you dear?


  1. onceaweekblab said: you know I will before I go on that course lover.
  2. temporarytransplant said: i love chickens and quails so much, they are very entertaining!
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