I'm a work in progress... trying to get fit and get healthy, by eating right and exercising. I have lost weight, but the biggest bonus is the energy I have now, and how I have a focus in my life. I like to blog, I'm inherently lazy, and I get paid to be fit- it's in my job description. I live in Darwin, Australia, and I'm a waddler. I run because I enjoy it. I like to be a bit faster than I was 12 months ago, but I'm not a racer. I would like to run 250K through the Gobi desert before I turn 50, but after only 100K in 1 months (as opposed to 2 days!), I realise my feet will probably snap in the process. *sigh* Facebook: hinuk shines email: hinukshines@gmail.com wordpress: hinukshines.wordpress.com (and no, it's not my name - it's two random words) Peace out.


I’m struggling.

And for no particular reason - well, none that I can tell.
I have no heart to run. My studying has been non existent. What the hell is wrong with me?
I’m not feeling stressed or depressed or ill, I just feel I have nothing in the tank.

I hope it passes soon - I have things to do!

Did I tell you I tried skiing?
We didn’t work out, but we had fun mucking around ;)

24 things British people have to deal with


Being unable to pour milk without sniffing it first.

I’ve just had to tell BT I want porn.

I can’t go anywhere without being told to Keep calm and do something.

I made eye contact with stranger on the tube. We both looked away out of the window, and our reflections made eye contact.


Ugh. Today’s run turned out to be a very very long walk. The lush of my life’s knee decided to blow out around the 6km mark, and wasn’t helped by the up and down on the course. Plus I don’t do so well in the cold, and I really wasn’t feeling the love today. Don’t know what else I could’ve expected tho with no training… I haven’t run more than 10km since our last halfa, which was over a year ago.
Ordinarily the run would’ve been okay, not overly challenging, and down right boring in bits. Far too many pine trees for my liking (not a plantation timber fan I’m afraid), and roads - even unsealed ones- are not my idea of trail running.
Ineffective sign posting lead to almost a kilometre of way-laidness (I can tootle words up!), and all up, the half marathon took us 24km, and just under 3:30.
Not good, but we went, and it didn’t rain, and it ended up being a gloriously sunny day. Will have to see how much I can forget before we decide if we’re going next year. There’s a few more options yet anyway.

I think I might need to do some training :)

Ps. We got 213 equal out of 216 finishers. And there were actually 269 entrants, so who knows how many DNF!

I even got off my ass and made breakfast.

I even got off my ass and made breakfast.

It’s a new day!

Full of possibilities and opportunities. So many choices, I think I’ll just lie in bed all day and ignore them all.


Welcome to Procrastination. Population:1

I’m baching it this weekend. The lush of my life has gone off on a boys weekend (and is potentially about to find out why cows are not on my list of animals to shoot, but I did warn him), so I have hours and hours to spend catching up on the last two weeks worth of study I haven’t done.

I’ll be honest. It’s been a shit of a time, mentally and therefore emotionally. And the only thing I think I can put it down to is my eating. Why is it SO fucking hard to find a balance? Why is it that some people just have to give up (or worse still) cut down on something, or start doing exercise for 10 mins a day and their lives are coming up roses and the weight melts away? Sigh. Pity party over. It is how it is, and that’s how it is. Gah.

And what happened to the hide behind the line link? Or is it just not on iPads?? I apologise in advance for the drivel. I’m in one of *those* moods.

Anyhoo, like I was telling Ms Dresslove earlier, I swore off pizza a little while ago, and it hasn’t been hard, and I haven’t wanted one. It was my fortnightly go to junk meal, which I enjoyed, but regretted cos it’s not good for me. But what actually DID happen, is I started to eat more crap. I had a duty at work, and ate sandwiches because I was too lazy to drive to get a proper meal. That equates to around 12 pieces of bread in one day, and for someone who ate maybe two pcs every two months, that’s just crap. And that was how it made me feel. And since then I’ve eaten more. And yesterday I ate biscuits and even had a chocolate milk, and then pretzels for dinner.
Wouldn’t it just be easier to eat the fucking pizza?

I am considering doing a whole 30, but need to put the wheels back on before I start. I also have a week away from home where the food is, shall we say, less than ideal for a paleoish person, and plus I am using whey protein shakes as a meal replacement (and I’m not convinced the two are related, as the bread started before the shakes), and I’ll probably live on those while I’m away (as soon as I can source whey powder WITHOUT sucralose in it - that stuff tastes like shit. Sugar would be preferable, but it is Oh so unnecessary! At the moment I need to use a tsp of honey to mask that taint, but it wouldn’t need it I’m sure).

So, today I am just going to chill and regroup, and unpack my stuff I was going to move out with, and remind myself to rip up my discharge paperwork. Yup, THAT bad a week. I will hang up the clothes, make some beeswax furniture polish, and maybe go for a drive and a walk. Or a walk at least. I never explore by myself, I’m tossing up between using ‘too lazy’ and ‘what’s the point if you’ve no one to share it with’

And maybe tomorrow I will wake up full of personality, vim and vigour, drive and determination.
Here’s hoping.

TL:DR I had a cunt of a week and I’m glad it’s fucking over.

Rookie mistake #101 pt 2

Don’t cut your hair by yourself after drinking.
If it looked that bad after cutting it sober, then alcohol and scissors will NOT make it better.

Rookie mistakes #101

Don’t start with the red wine and blue cheese until AFTER you’ve studied.

I went to a funeral today.

It was for the baby daughter of one of the guys at work. Unfortunately she was born a lot too early, but she gave it a bloody good try for 32 days.
It was both the loveliest and the saddest funeral I think I’ve ever been to, and I know she will be remembered by all of us, even those of us who never had the pleasure of meeting her.
Could anyone ask for a better memorial than that?

I’m going to die. I just know it.

I’m going to die. I just know it.

Great Sunday Monday waddle trying to get up to speed for our half marathon trail run in a few weeks. The train was an unexpected surprise, and the brunch was way over the top. Shame there were no beers!

Finally got my standing desk made for home. I’m one of those “sitting is the new smoking” brethren, and I really don’t mind what you think, but I believe that sitting is not good for my health (or my flat ass)

Now I just have to get the guts up to get one at work!

Finally got my standing desk made for home. I’m one of those “sitting is the new smoking” brethren, and I really don’t mind what you think, but I believe that sitting is not good for my health (or my flat ass)

Now I just have to get the guts up to get one at work!